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5:00 a.m. CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit
5:30 a.m. Boot-Camp Boot-Camp Boot-Camp
6:00 a.m. CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit
6:30 a.m.
7:00 a.m. CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit
7:30 a.m. Mashup
8:00 a.m. On Ramp (please call to schedule)  On Ramp (please call to schedule On Ramp (please call to schedule) On Ramp (please call to schedule)
9:00 a.m. CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit Open Gym
9:30 a.m. Boot-Camp Boot-Camp Boot-Camp Open Gym
10:00 a.m. Open Gym
10:30 a.m. Open Gym/NEW-YOGA
11:00 a.m. Open Gym
12:00 p.m. Open Gym Open Gym Open Gym Closed
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2:00 p.m. NEW!Yoga
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4:30 p.m. CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit
5:30 p.m. CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit
Boot-Camp Boot-Camp Boot-Camp
6:30 p.m. CrossFit/On Ramp CrossFit/On Ramp Weightlifting CrossFit/On Ramp CrossFit/On Ramp



Class Definitions:

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CrossFit-is constantly varied, functional movements done at high intensity.  Movements are scalable to fit any fitness level from grandmas to fire fighters!   Classes usually last one hour.  Never the same workout except for some benchmark WODs such as “Fran”, “Cindy” and “Helen” or a Hero WOD.  Don’t worry you’ll catch on to CrossFit lingo soon enough!  Must complete our On Ramp Course first!  


Boot Camp-NO PREREQUISITE! Body weight exercises and light weights done at high intensity to promote weight loss, strength, endurance and flexibility.  Basically it’s like CrossFit without barbells.  (No special training required!)  To sign up please contact Belen at (316)644-6917 or


Weightlifting  is the process of lifting items of great mass in order to increase the muscle size and strength of a person. This is typically done in a number of different ways to target muscle groups in different parts of a person’s body, and can be done specifically for the aesthetic effects it has on the body. It can also be part of a physical training or therapy regimen intended to increase body strength or recover from injury. Weight lifting is also a competitive sport in which people train to be able to lift weights of extremely great size and weight or as part of the Olympic weight lifting sport and body building.


On Ramp-Required for all beginning CrossFitters.  Two week class taught by a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.  Learn the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit.  Short workout ends each class.  Must complete this course in order to attend regular CrossFit workouts.


Open Gym-This counts as one of your membership days.  Open gym is intended for work on oly lifts, strength, skill work, make-up wods (as long as room permits).


Mash-up- Our Mash-up class is held at 7:30 am every Saturday and is open to both boot campers and crossFitters.  It usually consists of a partner or team workout incorporating some weights, body weight movements and cardio. *The 9 am Mash-up was recently discontinued due to lack of attendance. Open gym will begin at 9 am and run through 12 pm. Thanks! -CF Wichita Crew*

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