CrossFit Wichita
CrossFit – Morning 5am/6am/7am/9am 5am/6am/7am/9am 5am/6am/7am/9am 5am/6am/7am/9am 5am/6am/7am/9am 9am Mash-up
CrossFit ExpressCrossFit – Evening 12:00-1:00pm4:30pm/5:30pm/6:30pm/7:30pm 4:30pm/5:30pm/
12:00-1:00pm4:30pm/5:30pm/6:30pm/7:30pm 4:30pm/5:30pm/
12:00-1:00pm4:30pm/5:30pm/6:30pm/7:30pm  10:30am Open Gym
Bootcamp – Morning190 S. Rock Rd (Church gym) 5:30am 5:30am 5:30am
Bootcamp – Evening190 S. Rock Rd. (Church gym) 5:30pm 5:30pm 5:30pm
On Ramp (beginner CrossFit)- Evening.Must be enrolled  5:30pm Every Tues. and Thurs. for the month. 5:30pm Every Tues. and Thurs. for the month


CrossFit-is constantly varied, functional movements done at high intensity.   Movements are scalable to fit any fitness level from grandmas to fire fighters!   Classes usually last one hour.  Never the same workout except for some benchmark WODs such as “Fran”, “Cindy” and “Helen” or a Hero WOD.  Don’t worry you’ll catch on to CrossFit lingo soon enough!  Must complete our On Ramp Course first!  


On Ramp-REQUIRED for beginners or those with limited experience to CrossFit. Our trainers will instruct you in the mechanics/techniques of some of our more commonly used exercises and you will complete a workout at each class.  Check our Home Page for starting dates, days of the week and times.  On Ramp lasts one month (8 classes) to prepare you for our regular CrossFit classes.   You should be prepared/committed to attending all classes.  Ready to reserve your spot?  Come to the box (gym) located at 535 S. St. Francis after 4:30pm M-F to prepay the $50 fee.  Can’t make it at that time?  Contact Belen at (316)644-6917 or to make payment arrangements.


Boot Camp-NO PREREQUISITE! Located at 190 S. Rock Rd.  in the Calvary Chapel Church gym.  Body weight exercises and light weights done at high intensity to promote weight loss, strength, endurance and flexibility.  Basically it’s like CrossFit without barbells.  (No special training required!)  To sign up for membership come to 535 S. St. Francis after 4:30pm M-F to fill out your membership agreement.  Can’t make it at that time?Please contact Belen to make other payment arrangements at (316)644-6917 or


Mash-up-9:00am Saturdays-FREE to CFW members.  Mash-up will most likely have partner/team/hero type workouts.  Something a little outside of regular programming to spice things up a bit.  Mash-up is also a ONE TIME FREE TRIAL for people new to CrossFit.


Open Gym-10:30am Saturdays.  This counts as one of your membership days.  Open gym is intended for work on oly lifts, strength, skill work.  Doing wods is not accepted.  Thanks!


Please contact Belen to schedule.  316-644-6917 or


CrossFit / Bootcamp
Call 316-644-6917 to sign up today!