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Don’t WOD at the Globo

Dec 15th, 2015

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Don’t WOD at the Globo

A member asked me why some crossfitters are “elistists snobs” about the globo gym.  He checked in to Lifetime on Facebook and caught hell for it from his crossfitter friends (yeah I would have been one of them if I had seen it). So he asked me why the CrossFit community frowns on doing CrossFit WODs at a globo gym. I was tired and I gave him a partial answer. But later that night and well into the next couple days, it bugged me so I started this post.

So let’s assume that as an athlete you want intensity and want to do CrossFit WODs at the globo… You are different than the other globo gymers in that way. Here aresome of the reasons why it is lame to WOD at the globo…

TOO MANY RULES. The big rule that is going to get in your way is the no dropping weights rule (and if we didn’t have bumper plates our barbells I would not allow anyone to drop MY barbells either.) But try doing a maximum Clean and Jerk without being able to drop the bar. Good luck there.

LACK OF COACHING. There is no coaching at the globo. We ALL need to be coached. ALL. OF. US. Take something as simple as a squat – sometimes I think I am below parallel, sometimes I think my knees are out BUT… well… NOPE. Sometimes it takes someone yelling at me to make me get lower and drive those knees out.

Not only do you have access to coaching at a CrossFit box but often you have access to MORE than one!! Use it!! Having more than one coach is like having a better toolkit; some coaches are better at coaching Olympic lifts while another may be better at gymnastic movements. You want to get better at all of it so why not take expertise from wherever you can find it.

GOING IT ALONE. Doing a WOD alone sucks! Can you imagine doing Fran alone, with zero encouragement, while people gather at you and point because they think you need to be locked up? (Don’t worry since it wouldn’t happen anyway – right after your first set of thrusters, the General Manager would ask you to stop since you probably dropped the bar and also because it doesn’t “look safe.”)

There are no rabbits to chase at the globo. Meanwhile back at the box, you’d be chasing that athlete that you know is just a little bit faster and trying not to let him (or her) get any further ahead. You see him finishing his second round before you and you know you need to finish that round NOW. You step up your game and keep pushing.

HARD TO BE HUMBLE.  We all have a teeny bit of a narcissist in us. Admit it; we like when people think we are badass! So maybe it would be cool to have people gather around and point. Maybe you want to show them what it’s like to REALLYworkout?! At the globo it’s easy to look like an incredible athlete even if you aren’t! If you WOD in the globo you are working harder than 99.9% of the people there.

Hey you can even look like a rockstar when you put down the bar and quit half way through your 2nd round of your (fictional) solo Fran.  Who would know? …Meanwhile back at the box you would be just another crossfitter who knows that the only way to the end is to go through it. ALL OF IT… just to throw yourself on the floor with everyone else and fight to control your nausea while you vow to do better next time. It’s good to be a humble athlete and reaffirm daily that you need to get better.

LACK OF COMMUNITY. There is no Community at the globo. At the globo you can leave your earbuds in while you train and pretend there is no one else there; at the box you actually have to interact with people.

There is a big difference in the give-a-shit level at a CrossFit box. When you don’t show up at the box for a week someone is probably giving you hell on Facebook or someone is calling you to check in on you. When the same people see you and know you by name, they know where you came from and can see how you’ve improved. It’s hard to get lost in the crowd.

When you lie on the floor, day after day, with the same people you wordlessly BOND. You just do. It simulates surviving a disaster and there is an earned respect. You can make your best friends of your life after a tough WOD.

IT’S A BIG BUSINESS. The globo gym is really just a big-ass company that doesn’t actually give a rat’s ass about your fitness level. Their business model depends on selling lots of memberships and then hoping those members don’t actually show up. It’s about making money. Affiliate owners are NOT in it for the money; it’s A LOT of long hours and work, we do it because we live it and love it. We know our athletes on a first name basis and know their history, their strengths, and their weaknesses.

MOBILITY?? WHAT IS THAT?? No one cares about your mobility at the globo. Many of our athletes didn’t know they HAD mobility issues before CrossFit.  Has anyone at the globo ever tried to help you identify your mobility issues and how to work on them? Doubtful. We ALL have mobility issues and we ALL need to work on them!


OK, so to do an occasional WOD at the globo is not the worst thing that could ever happen. I get that. Some crossfitters return to the globo from time to time to take advantage of child care or the other amenities. (We don’t even have a shower so if you want access to a pool or hottub, well there you go.) But do NOT kid yourself that the WOD you did at the globo was exactly like you would have done at( CrossFit Wichita.)

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